Coffee for Anytime of the Day

Coffee is the nectar of the gods. If I can’t have my macchiato in the morning, I can’t function. Coffee isn’t just go-go juice, it’s also something to build great conversation over. However, not everyone loves coffee. No problem! If your taste buds prefer teas, juice, smoothies, and hot cocoas you have options from some of…


Restaurants Open during and After July 4th Parade

It’s time for 4th of July celebrations! Cookouts, fireworks, and picnics are in full swing around the area! Whilst you are enjoying the parade, you don’t have to lug all your picnic gear with you, here are a few Downtown Elgin restaurants that are open: Crave Deli: Open 24 hrs Domani: 6:00 AM-2:00 PM Arabica- 7:00 AM-…