Top Sushi Restaurant Picks

Anytime someone invites me to go get sushi, I go. I didn’t always like sushi, but now I’ve come to like it and even crave it sometimes. These two restaurants I’ve picked are my top picks for sushi restaurants in the area. Sushi Station 2486 N. Randall Road Elgin, IL I went here with a…


Desserts…My favorite

  I love desserts. It’s the best part of the meal. You know that idea where you eat dessert first and then the main course? I’m all for that. In fact, I’ve done that multiple times when I can’t decide what main course to eat, I skip right to dessert because I know I’m going…


Dinner Specials on Valentine’s Day

Haven’t thought of where you might take your valentine for dinner? We’ve got you covered. Restaurants in our area are running specials for Valentine’s Day. From casual atmospheres like Al’s CafĂ© and Porter’s Pub to formal atmospheres like The Anvil Club and Francesca’s Campagna Restaurant, you’re sure to find something that fits your valentine’s idea…


Brunch in the Elgin Area

  The number one reason why I think you should go to brunch is that there are so many different choices. You could have waffles, pancakes, bacon, a sandwich, or a breakfast burrito. Plus, you’ll be full for most of the day. The Elgin area has great spots that offer terrific brunch options! I’ve personally…