“You won’t bay leaf how nice olive our vendors are.”

   The kids are back at school, everyone is returning from vacation, and the Downtown Elgin Harvest Market is in full swing! Every Thursday from 9 AM-2 PM, the Downtown Elgin Harvest Market provides everything from handmade jewelry to plants. My novice Elginite self-has sadly, never been to the Market; until today. Along with my…


What even is the Fringe Festival?

It’s on flyers, in-store shops, and referenced in passing from Elginites, but what is Fringe Festival? Sadly, I do not hail from these parts and have only heard about Fringe. Now that I have been here for a sufficient amount of time, I know what the Fringe Festival is…but I still have not experienced it! So…


Ladies’ Getaway Day Trip

Do you ever just want to get away for the weekend, or even just one day with all of your girl friends? I’ve planned a full day with eating, wine and bike riding on our Fox River Bike Trail. You can also experience the arts, which is a plus. Start with coffee, because who doesn’t want…


Bikes and Bites

Bikes and Bites is an event sponsored by us – The Elgin Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. It will be Saturday, May 30th from 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM on Riverside Drive. The bikes portion is to showcase the Fox River Bike Trail and to promote bike safety. The bites portion is for all of…


Attraction Spotlight: Fox River Trolley Museum

Are you wanting to experience a refreshing bike ride while having the option to stop and visit an attraction? We have just the trip for you when you visit our local attraction right on the Fox River Bike Trail. The Fox River Trolley Museum offers a great educational experience for visitors to learn about the…


Food on the Trail: Part 1

Everyone’s number one concern when exercising on bike trails is where to stop for food? Taking a break to get a drink and something to eat is a welcome part of a day on the trail. Below are a list of restaurants that are located in the Carpentersville/East Dundee/West Dundee communities along the trail. Carpentersville…


Top Sushi Restaurant Picks

Anytime someone invites me to go get sushi, I go. I didn’t always like sushi, but now I’ve come to like it and even crave it sometimes. These two restaurants I’ve picked are my top picks for sushi restaurants in the area. Sushi Station 2486 N. Randall Road Elgin, IL I went here with a…


The Essentials of Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Guest Blog Post: Stephanie with EventSource An engagement ring is on your hand at last and you are ready to begin planning your dream wedding.  In your mind, it is the best day of your life.  But now – the work begins.   An outdoor wedding can be a beautiful setting for your special day –…


Guest Blog Post: Mommy By the River

In my Top Picks for February 20 – 22, 2015, enjoy baby lambs, kid-friendly movies, ice hockey, sleigh rides, a storytime, swimming, soccer, and ice skating. Best of all, the events listed are all FREE or CHEAP! And if they ask who sent you…tell them ‘The Mommy’ did! DISCLAIMER: Although I am careful to report accurate dates…


Brunch in the Elgin Area

  The number one reason why I think you should go to brunch is that there are so many different choices. You could have waffles, pancakes, bacon, a sandwich, or a breakfast burrito. Plus, you’ll be full for most of the day. The Elgin area has great spots that offer terrific brunch options! I’ve personally…