Desserts…My favorite


I love desserts. It’s the best part of the meal. You know that idea where you eat dessert first and then the main course? I’m all for that. In fact, I’ve done that multiple times when I can’t decide what main course to eat, I skip right to dessert because I know I’m going to want it either way. I’ve been to many restaurants in this area that have incredible desserts. They’re just what you need to finish off your meal! Or start it…

Van’s Frozen Custard
16 E. Main Street
East Dundee, IL

*They have interesting flavors of the day, in addition to the standard chocolate and vanilla. My friends and I always go here after we watch a soccer game on campus, or if we just want a quick dessert in between studying. It truly has great custard with toppings for everyone.

Ooz Cafe
11 Galligan Road
Gilberts, IL

*They have specials on their frozen yogurt, like Sunny Sunday where it is 25% off.

Bennigan’s Grill and Tavern
495 Airport Road
Elgin, IL

*Their special on Saturday are half price desserts. My friends and I take advantage of this on weekends, and you should too.

bennigans fried banana chocolate chip with ice cream

The Cocoa Cabana
651 S. 8th Street
West Dundee, IL

*Great gourmet chocolates can be found here, and in interesting shapes. Grab a box of chocolates to snack on throughout your work week. They also have ice cream in various flavors. They’re creamy and can also be made into shakes! We had a chocolate party as an event for our university and it was very relaxing – think about booking one of those soon.

Alexander’s Café
1725 N State Street
Elgin, IL

*They have a long list of pies and cakes on their dessert list. They’re known around the area for them. I’ve personally tried the Red Velvet Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, and Oreo Pie. They’re classics made well!

alexanders oreo pie

Spirel’s Yogurt Delights
309 S. Randall Road
South Elgin, IL

*I visited here with my family and they have great flavors on rotation. Everyone tried something different and liked it. The frozen yogurt is more light than creamy.

Al’s Café
43 DuPage Court
Elgin, IL

*I count this place for great desserts because of their truffles around Valentine’s Day and their malts. It’s their signature item that families and friends from around the area come to try. Classic vanilla is the way to go, if you ask me.

If I didn’t mention your favorite place to get dessert in this area, then please comment and let me know. I’d love to go try it.

About Me Photo of ShalinaAbout the Author: Shalina Wozny I am a communications intern for EACVB. I really like being the “middle man” and finding a way to bridge the gap between people. I like exploring new cities, eating a good bowl of pasta, and having anything sweet for dessert – dessert is a must for me! Fall is my favorite season; the leaves changing color fascinate me. I love having deep, soulful conversations. Follow my posts on this blog to find out more about what I love to do in this area.