Dundee Township Park District Hosts Kids Triathlon

all the kids triPhoto Credit: Melinda McNelius

The Dundee Township Park District hosted their first ever “Kids Triathlon” held at Sleepy Hollow Pool and the nearby neighborhoods on July 19th starting at 7:30AM. The event was a fun time for children ages 5 to 19. The children competed in swimming, biking and running in different distances based on age. All participants received a free t-shirt!!

swimmingjack bikeisabella runningPhoto Credit: Melinda McNelius

Distances For Each Age Group:

5-9 years: Swim 50 yards, Bike 1.5 miles, Run 1 mile

10-14 years: Swim 150 yards, Bike 3.1 miles, Run 1.5 miles

15-19 years: Swim 250 yards, Bike 6.2 miles Run 3.1

I ran my first sprint triathlon last August, and at the age of 20 it was a great time, but also extremely challenging. While my distances were different, I applaud the kids of all ages for their ability to compete in a triathlon.

About the Author: Claire (That’s me after completing my first Tri!)

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