Guest Blog Post: Deicke Park in Huntley, IL


Guest Blog Post: Mommy by the River

If you are like me, you go to the same parks and playgrounds with your kids, week after week. You know there are many more parks in Elgin, IL and our neighboring towns, but who has time to be a super sleuth and find them? Welcome to my monthly park feature where I will do all of the work for you!

If you have not had the opportunity to visit Deicke Park in Huntley, IL yet, you MUST go soon. Deicke Park located on Rte. 47 in Huntley, consists of well…a lot of different features, but the ones I will primarily highlight are the “playground/equipment” areas, of which there are three. Also, this park is FREE!

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Mommy by the River

About Mommy by the River: My name is Pamela. I’m a mommy who lives by the Fox River in Elgin, IL who has longed for a local resource that would tell me WHERE to go with my child that costs me either nothing or nearly nothing. Full Bio