Cafe Roma

Cafe Roma
2175 Point Boulevard #120
(847) 836-7662

Chef Frank’s philosophy has always been do a couple of things very well, every time. Since our opening in 2008, we have followed that philosophy and evolved our menu, hours of service and catering options to meet the specific needs of the business community and our customers. With an unmatched eye for quality and adamant attention to service, Chef Frank and his staff, invariably delivers delicious meals with consistency and reliability. Keeping choices simple, Chef Redisi has empowered his kitchen staff to execute to his exacting standards and broaden the menu, adding sandwich items and regular specials.

By preparing every menu item very well, every time, we have earned the reputation of an excellent cafe with delicious and authentic Italian food.

Sunday Closed
Monday 10AM–3PM
Tuesday 10AM–3PM
Wednesday 10AM–3PM
Thursday 10AM–9PM
Friday 10AM–9PM
Saturday Closed