Happy Espresso Day!

Happy Espresso Day my fellow coffee enthusiasts! If you need a pick me up today, we have the best espressoplaces to get you out of your comatose state. If you are like me, I prefer the sugar overload coffees and frappes with lots of whipped cream topping. Espresso is the complete opposite of that. Espresso should be bitter, but not too bitter. It should be rich, but not too rich and it should not be sour. Here are you go to espresso aficionado makers:

Domani Cafe on Highland Ave

Arabica Cafe on Douglas Ave

Blue Box Cafe on Chicago St

Elgin Books and Coffee on Grove Ave

Measuring Cup on Barrington Ave in East Dundee

The Uncommon Palate on N. River in East Dundee

Don’t forget this Saturday; November 26th is Small Business Saturday, please support local shops!