The New Girl’s Guide to Elgin: Part 1: Grand Victoria Casino-Prime

As the new kid on the block, there is a lot to catch up. First stop: Grand Victoria Casino: Prime Burgerhouse.

How could I have NOT been to the Casino, you ask? It’s one of the most popular attractions in Elgin. As a poor college student who survived on mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, coffee, and 3 hours of sleep, I never had the chance to go, until now! If anyone knows me, I am not a picky eater for most things except for two things: sushi and burgers.

Prime is a Burger House so of course; I was excited to find out what I’ve been missing. The atmosphere inside Prime reminds me of an updated American Drive-In Restaurant but without the cars. The menus 14608849_10210518961351793_9082207386830158658_owere brought out to us with tons to choose from- not just burgers but shrimp, vegetarian, and milkshake pairings, but even the option to build your own burger!

I picked the Garlic Parmesan Butter Burger which consisted of a burger house patty, parmesan cheese, garlic parmesan butter, batter-fried tomatoes, red onion, mixed greens, roasted garlic mayo, on a pretzel bun. If that didn’t make you drool, then I chose a side of truffle fries which were even better than amazing. If you do choose to go to Prime (do it, do it now!) leave a little extra time as their skilled burger artisans will lovingly hand-craft your patty from prime meats ground daily on site by their in-house butcher. Believe me, IT IS WORTH THE WAIT! The burger was brought out and impossible to pick up with two hands, but I’m a true burger lover, I did it anyways. The burger chang14608879_10210437110865582_8500021395958728092_oed my life right then and there. The meat was perfectly cooked to medium rare, the garlic butter was an ingenious idea, and the crusted parmesan cheese on top of the burger gave it a nice crunch to help bring it all together. The truffle fries combined with the burger made for a great first experience at Prime. I finished as much as I could of that heavenly burger and took the rest of the fries with me to munch on the remainder of the day.

You don’t have to be a gambler to enjoy the variety of cuisine available at Grand Victoria Casino but it’s a sure bet you’re going to love Prime BurgerHouse!

Here is Prime Burgerhouse’s menu!

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