Business Spotlight: Piece-A-Cake Bakery

danishI have grown up in Dundee my whole life. It was always exciting when my mom would take me to Piece-A-Cake Bakery (304 N. River St., East Dundee) on Saturday mornings to start a fun day together. My favorite treat was their sugar cookies and I remember scanning the glass windows as I picked out the cookie that I thought was the best. As I grew older I became especially biased to their cherry and cheese danishes while my mom loved the bear claws. Now I have become a gluten-free fan so I decided to stop in one morning to try one of the GF products. I decided on a chocolate chip macaroon… 1.) I have always wanted to try a macaroon 2.) it was gluten free and 3.) it was delicious! I feel like most people who eat GF hope that their “sweet treats” don’t taste “gluten free.” When I tried this treat, you could not tell that it was gluten free, which made it all the more better. Piece-A-Cake makes other GF products such as peanut butter cookies, brownies and even specialty cakes that you can order. I look forward to trying all of these different products.

new macaroon

Something else fun that Piece-A-Cake does is make “dog cakes” so that your pup can enjoy the excellence that is this bakery! The cakes are typically made with peanut butter and carrots, so for your dog’s birthday, give them something special. One day I hope to have my own dog and you better believe that they will be celebrating their birthday with one of these cakes.

new cookies

Another thing that I love about Piece-A-Cake is their staff. They are familiar faces to me and I am always served with a smile. They are friendly and welcoming and go above and beyond to answer any questions to provide quality service to their customers. If you have a sweet tooth and are in the area, I suggest that you make Piece-A-Cake Bakery your main stop.


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