Top Sushi Restaurant Picks

Anytime someone invites me to go get sushi, I go. I didn’t always like sushi, but now I’ve come to like it and even crave it sometimes. These two restaurants I’ve picked are my top picks for sushi restaurants in the area.

Sushi Station
2486 N. Randall Road
Elgin, IL

I went here with a large group of friends and the service was really great. We got seated right away and had our drinks within minutes of arriving. The server was very friendly when we asked questions about the sushi and items on the menu.

As far as the setup, its pretty unique. The dining tables are placed near a rotating sushi bar that takes up majority of the restaurant. They had common orders of sushi, sides, and desserts rotating on the bar. Each dish’s plate is a specific color that corresponds to how much the dish is, and those prices are on your menu. If you wanted sushi that was not on the bar, then you could order it from one of your servers. The atmosphere was very laid back and it enabled us to have a great, loud conversation without feeling like we were out of place.

Now for the food! I had the spider roll and loved the crisp soft shell crab and the drizzled sauce on top. My friends tried other rolls like the California Roll and the Shrimp Tempura Roll. I remember them enjoying their picks and wanting to come back again.

588 Randall Road
South Elgin, IL

JuRin’s atmosphere is somewhat of an upscale restaurant that I would go to on a Saturday night. It has the combination of the rotating sushi bar on one side and then the hibachi grills on the other side. A couple of my friends and I went here and chose to sit on the rotating sushi bar since we mainly wanted sushi. However, we also ordered some items off of the hibachi grill menu.

We watched others enjoy the show at the hibachi grill stations and everyone seemed to be having a great time. The service was friendly and quick to get our food out. They didn’t rush us while we were deciding what to order and when we stayed longer to chat.

My friend tried the Godzilla Roll and thought it had a great blend of both a soft and crispy texture. My other friend tried the Crunchy California Roll, which I got to taste and we both liked a new twist to a classic roll. I must admit, I did try the Spider Roll again at this restaurant and thought the soft shell crab was superb as well. In addition to those rolls, we all tried something off of the hibachi grill menu. I tried the Chicken Teriyaki meal and enjoyed it! The rice was a great compliment to the flavorful teriyaki sauce on the chicken and vegetables.


Here are other sushi restaurants in the area that I’ve heard great things about:

TL’s Four Seasons
110 W. Bartlett Avenue
Bartlett, IL

Kiku Sushi and Hibachi
7020 Huntley Road, #1
Carpentersville, IL

Tokyo Steakhouse II
800 S. IL Route 59
Bartlett, IL

Sushi Cafe
454 Reddington Drive, Suite A
South Elgin, IL

I haven’t got a chance to try all of them (even though I really want to). So try one of these restaurants and let me know what you think! Also, take a step on the wild side and try something new – whether you’re trying sushi for the first time or think it’s time to have a new favorite roll.

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