Activities for your Dog When Winter Gets Ruff

Activities for your Dog When Winter Gets Ruff
January 17, 2020 Elgin Area CVB


Activities for your Dog When Winter Gets Ruff

Written by: Maddie Hayes

When Midwest winters get brutal, it can be hard enough to leave the house let alone brave the cold to take your dog for a W.A.L.K. It’s so much easier to put on sweatpants and binge The Office for the 10th time, but it’s important to keep your furry friend active all year round.  That doesn’t always have to mean layering up to stand outside in the freezing cold. There are many ways to keep your dog entertained when it’s cold outside. Check out these ideas for keeping your dog active this winter!

Dog-Friendly Shopping

Photo: @brianleh

Bring your dog on a walk around downtown Elgin and stop in several dog-friendly shops along the way to warm up as you go. It’s the perfect way to get some exercise while browsing the local shops. Check out these dog-friendly stores in downtown Elgin.

Rediscover Records
9 S Spring St
Elgin, IL 60120
(847) 961-8445

Ziegler’s Ace Hardware
215 N Spring St
Elgin, IL 60120
(847) 741-9520

Elgin Books & Coffee
66 S Grove Ave
Elgin, IL 60120
(847) 695-2680

Dog Training

Up your dog’s trick game with dog training classes. Taking your dog to a training facility in the winter can be a great way to burn off some energy while improving obedience for summer dog park interactions. 

Kountry Pet Resort
12N911 US-20
Hampshire, IL 60140
(847) 741-5434

Tasty Treats

Photo: @dodundee

Treat yourself and your dog to a delicious treat at some of these local dog-friendly drive thrus. You don’t even have to get out of the car! This can be an exciting trip for any dog that loves car rides – and treats. Dairy Queen offers a dog biscuit in a cup or cone of vanilla ice cream and Starbucks has a puppuccino for your pup to enjoy!

Dairy Queen
704 W Chicago St
Elgin, IL 60123
(847) 697-3319

821 S Randall Rd
Elgin, IL 60123
(224) 760-2757

Indoor Day

While outdoor exercise is best for your dog, there are days when it really is just too cold to go outdoors for long periods of time. This is a great time to spend the day indoors with your furry friend. If you aren’t able to make it outside, spend a little quality time playing inside to burn off some energy. Playing hide and seek with treats and toys is a great way to keep your dog entertained and avoid cabin fever!

No matter the conditions outside it is important to keep your dog active all year round. Post a picture and use #ExploreElgin to share your favorite way to stay active with your pup during the winter.

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