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5 Inspiring Activities to Get You to Spring

5 Inspiring Activities to Get You to Spring

Did you know-last week broke city records? According to FOX 32 News Chicago, we have experienced a record high of days with no recorded sunshine. 8 consecutive gray, cloudy, gloomy days is the “cloudiest spell in over 25 years”. But don’t let all this depressing news get you down. In fact, on Sunday, Punxsutawney Phil, the infamous groundhog, did not see his shadow meaning an early spring! Until then, as you continue to battle the dark and bleak days – here are some activities to get you to the warm, sunny light at the end of the tunnel.

Find your Pocket Full of Sunshine

Now more than ever you’re probably wanting to “Soak Up the Sun”but feel like all you’re doing is “Chasing the Sun”. Stop running! Close your eyes, lean back and let some music transport you to brighter days. Then you’ll be singing “Here Comes the Sun” and start “Walking on Sunshine” in no time. If you’re interesting in enjoying some great music check out Rediscover Records for a great selection of the classics as well as new releases. Or if you’re interested in letting live music carry you away, look into Rochaus and the Elgin Community College Arts Center for show schedules and tickets.

Get in Touch with your Inner Bob Ross

Being creative is a great way to lift your spirits. Whether it’s pottery making, drawing, doodling or painting some happy little trees; being creative has been proven to improve emotional balance. So pick up a brush, or pencil and say “Good-Bye” to those winter time blues. If you’re interested in being creative but aren’t sure where to start- check out Side Street Studio Arts. They’ve always got something going on like galleries and workshops all run and developed for artists. You can also find gallery events at the Elgin Artspace Lofts,if you’re in need of some creative inspiration. And be sure to follow Oddball Art Labs for other art related events and the opportunity to show off your work!

Get Lost in a Spring-Filled Fantasy

Want to get away but can’t make a vacation happen? Then take a trip into a good book! Here are a few spring themed selections from Goodreads to welcome in the new season. “The Secret Garden”, “The Hobbit”, “The Language of Flowers” and “The Princess Bride” are a handful of recommended titles. Click HERE for the full list. Now that you know what to read – how are you going to make it happen? In January 2020 alone, the Gail Borden Library has saved its patrons $2,033,251.03. And with 2 other branches, an additional branch in Elgin and South Elgin– it makes finding any book easy and affordable! Not to mention the other libraries like Fox River Valley Public Library District which makes it easier for folks in Gilberts, Pingree Grove, Hampshire and Carpentersville reap the benefits of the library. All these libraries can give you what you need to dream about spring until it gets here.

Put Some SPRING in your Step

Living through enough cold and depressing days can really leave you feeling unmotivated, and lacking energy. Stopping by your local coffee cafe can bring the warm and refreshing vibes you need to keep moving forward. The Elgin area offers a great selection of shops and cafes to choose from like Blue Box Cafe, Cafe Revive, Craft Donuts + Coffee, and Arabica Cafe just to name a few. Many of these cafes serve coffee, tea and revitalizing smoothies that might be just what you need to get you back on your feet and conquer the day ahead.

Bring Spring to your Home Early

Why wait for the ground to thaw? When you can bring that sweet spring scent into your home right now! Because the Elgin area is a popular wedding destination there are so many local flower parlors like Debi’s Designs, Town & Country Gardens, and Everything Floral. Each with great selections of unique arrangements, making it easy to find that perfect arrangement to treat yourself and brighten up your home.


What are you doing to brighten your spirits during a dreary day?

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