Jelke Creek Bird Sanctuary


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Public trails were designed for shared use so that persons on foot, bike or horseback will be able to travel side by side. As you travel along the paths you may encounter wildlife or see many different birds flying above, perched in a tree or swimming in the ponds.  Some of the water features were designed as part of the water quality improvement grant.  These water features capture the rain water and hold it until it can slowly infiltrate through the gravel beds and native plant roots into the ground.  This type of absorption cleans the water as it percolates through.  Groundwater is the source of the drinking water that comes out of our taps at home.

Fishing is allowed in the two deepest ponds.  Shallower ponds will also be marked “No fishing”.  They are not deep enough for fish to survive but provide habitat for frogs and turtles.  Some areas around the shallower ponds will also be marked with signs and temporary fencing and we ask that you do not walk in them until the new plantings are able to take root.

You may bring your dog into the sanctuary, but it cannot be off its leash at anytime

Over one-hundred acres were seeded with natives plants in both the dry and wet areas.  Wetter areas received plant plugs as well. These native prairie and wetland plants will enrich the bird and wildlife habitat.

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Information sourced form the Dundee Township

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