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Explore Elgin – Bird Watching Bingo

Explore Elgin – Bird Watching Bingo

The sun has arrived! And with it has come leaves, flowers and birds! Our communities have seen an increase in residents spending more time outside. Whether that be our Fox River Bike Trail or other great outdoor trails, or just stepping outside your front door for a light walk- the improved weather has many folks soaking up the sun. There are many benefits to sunlight and spending time outdoors so we’ve created a game to help you enjoy your time outside even more.

Bird Watching Bingo!

There are multiple ways to play, but we recommend using our virtual game board and here’s why!

  • The board will auto-generate an arrangement of bingo tiles so you and your family can all have different boards and chances of getting a bingo
  • Once you generate your bingo board, it will also generate a unique link back to your specific board. This link will keep track of your progress, making it easy to pick back up on the search for your next outdoor adventure.
  • The virtual board is web, mobile, and tablet friendly.
  • You can easily take a screenshot and share your bingo by posting and using #ExploreElgin!

Click Here to Generate Your Virtual Bingo Board!


Other Modes of Play

  • Physical copies can be downloaded for print

Here you can download a zip file”Bird Watching Printable Resources” containing: a simple bingo board for print, and written descriptions of all the birds on our list.


Can you get a bingo, or for a bigger challenge,

spot all the birds on our list?

We would love to see your photos! Show us by posting them and using #ExploreElgin!

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