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Hometown Heroes: District 300

Hometown Heroes: District 300

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, schools have had to close their doors and say goodbye to their students. And for many families, school not only provides their children with education, but also guaranteed meals. And for many, school doors closing means enduring much more stress. Throughout these uncertain times, District 300 has remained vigilant in continuing to provide for their students. Here are a number of ways District 300 has continued to be present in our community.


Emotional Support

Anyone will agree that every once in a while we can go a little stir crazy by being at home a lot more. The same goes for students. Numerous students lead very active lifestyles. Between school, sports, extracurricular activities, clubs, etc. going from a very full schedule to a nearly empty one is a big change to process. Staff from Meadowdale Elementary School coordinated and ran a parade for their students in hope of cheering them up. For many young students, this crisis has brought on feelings on uncertainty and stress. The likelihood is great that this is the first time these young learners are navigating these strong emotions and to still have your teachers and staff looking after your emotional being shows the care and love District 300’s staff has for all their students. Teacher from Perry elementary have continued to reach their students by sending inspiring messages, videos and incredible amount of love, joy and support. #PerryStrong


Meal Support

In late March, Aramark, District 300’s food service provider, continued to provide meals for students. Since then and through more communication with District 300 staff, this operation has greatly expanded! With multiple pick-up locations, getting meals are easy and safe. This has made a huge impact on the families in our community and this service has only continuing to grow. This has helped hundreds of people, and will only continue to help more as time goes on. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for more information on what meal locations are closest to you!


Lending a Helping Hand

District 300 has launched their own Hometown Heroes effort in hope of getting those on the front line of this crisis the supplies they need. This donation effort supports first responders, Sherman Hospital, and the Boy and Girls Club of Dundee Township. Here is their progress as of April 2nd.


First Responders Sherman Hospital The Boys and Girls Club of Dundee Township
  • 386 containers of disinfecting wipes (Clorox wipes)
  • 19 rolls paper towel
  • 24 safety glasses
  • 24 containers of baby wipes
  • 10 Bottles isopropyl alcohol
  • 500 Disposable masks
  • 22 Bottles of hand sanitizer
  • 18,600 Disposable gloves
  • 15,200 disposable gloves – medical grade non-latex
  • 24 safety glasses
  • 30 protective heavy-duty plastic aprons
  • 6 extra-large containers disinfecting wipes
  • 4 extra-large bottles hand sanitizer
  • 1 box of disposable masks
  • 1000 disposable gloves

These numbers are incredible and show how much our community is willing to help those who have always supported us, but now need our support. It goes to show that no matter what, our communities will always lend a helping hand. Thank you to everyone who has supported District 300 in these efforts, you have made an incredible impact!


If this crisis has taught us anything it is that nothing will keep District 300 from creating a positive impact on the lives of its students. There is no doubt that as time goes on these efforts will not just double, but triple! The amount of support that is constantly seen is truly inspiring. District 300 has remained present, provided fun and support, and united our community for great causes.

Thank you so much District 300 for Being Full of Hometown Heroes!


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