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Hometown Heroes: Elgin Community College

Hometown Heroes: Elgin Community College

On the outside, there are wide fields, beautiful flowers and tranquil lakes. But if you look closer, you’ll see more than just welcoming scenery at Elgin Community College. You’ll see care, support and potential. Unfortunately, having to close their campus could make curating their support very difficult. But Elgin Community College has not only continued to be there for its students, they are excelling at it! And on top of that the people at ECC are contributing in so many ways, like continuing to provide education and doing what they can to support the health care community during the COVID-19 crisis.


Here are Some Reasons Why the People at Elgin Community College are Hometown Heroes



One of the many struggles our community is having durning this time is emotional wellness. Since we have been thrust into numerous lifestyles changes very quickly, it can be difficult to process everything. College students are now back home learning online and are far from the unique support system they have established while at school. Elgin Community College has made a great point by being present for its students online. Every day ECC is providing inspiration through their Facebook pages and reminding students that they can get through this. Some of these inspiring posts including giving shout-outs to alum who are playing an essential role to the community during this time.


They are also finding ways to reach students and help them remain physically and emotionally healthy. They have launched a Wellness Wednesday campaign where students are taught healthy habits from professionals. These sessions have included topics like mindfulness, fitness and financial wellbeing.


ECC has also launched a Student Pick-Me-Ups campaign on Facebook to reach their students and give them suggestions, tips and some fun activities to consider. These have included recipes, books, song of the day, inspiring quotes and most importantly, something to look forward to seeing every day. Each post is full of positivity, and is a joy to read through. What’s even better is that even though these posts are geared towards their students, anybody can enjoy it! Just follow Elgin Community College on Facebook to fill each day with a delightful Pick-Me-Up.


Dr. Sam is known for being a social butterfly on campus and was disappointed by no longer being able to walk the halls. Now you can join “Zoomin’ with Dr. Sam” for some virtual company. Students, staff, community members, all are welcome! Check into their Facebook page to see when the next session is!


Community Outreach

Faculty at ECC have untied together for the greater good of our community. They have delivered meals to AMITA Saint Joseph and Advocate Sherman Health hospitals. They sought to support those who have always supported us which is exactly what the worlds needs right now.


Hospitals and health care facilities, have been working around the clock. These are the people who are fighting COVID-19 on the front lines and need to be protected the most. ECC art curator Juan Fernandez, colleague Eric Fuertes, alum Nate Mathews and his nephew Joey have been producing products for just that. By using 3D printing technology, they have been able to collectively produce 600 face masks and shields. Seeing up close the needs of health care staff they sprung to action. There is also another local student group called “Got Robot?” who have begun 3D printing masks as well.



As a higher education facility Elgin Community College knew that the continuation of education was going to be crucial during this time. But it wouldn’t only be critical, it would be difficult for many students who rely on campus technology. That is why they put an emergency plan into motion. The Elgin Community College Foundation created the Emergency Student Relief Fund  to provide students with the resources they need in order to complete the semester remotely. Thus far, they have rallied the community and have raised over $45,000, almost meeting their $50,000 goal!


As a resource of information, Elgin Community College has kept up their reputation and provided as much information to their students as possible. Not just by going remote and giving students access to do so, but by also providing seminars, resources and tips for students to be successful. Elgin Community College understands the shape our community is in right now and they have been doing everything they can to give students what they need to maximize their potential, obtain their goals and reach their dreams.


Elgin Community College has been pivotal in the lives of its students at this time. They have provided numerous educational opportunities, inspiration and tips to remain socially, emotionally and mentally healthy. Reaching past their immediate campus community, they have directly supported our hospital staff by providing meals and safety equipment.


Thank You Elgin Community College for Providing for the Students and Health Care Staff in our Community. You are Hometown Heroes!


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