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Hometown Heroes: Niko’s Tavern

Hometown Heroes: Niko’s Tavern

Many people have come together to support our community members. Namely those fighting in the battle against COVID-19. We’ve seen countless acts of kindness, support and love. It’s inspiring to see our neighbors, friends and family unite for the sake of a good cause. And now as we turn to look at Niko’s Tavern in Pingree Grove, we see them put their best foot forward.


Multiple times during the end of March, Niko’s Tavern has provided support to our health care and emergency service professionals. They have offered a free meals to those carrying the weight of the COVID-19 crisis. What you may not realize is that many of these people are keeping themselves away from their families because they could come in contact with someone who is sick while at work. Being away form home on top of long working hours to keep our community safe, they need us and our support to keep moving forward. Niko’s has offered what they can to this effort which is some great food! Having one less thing to worry about can be a great relief for someone who is already handling so much. Free meals have been extended to paramedics, firefighters, police officers, nurses and doctors.

If you are or know someone who qualifies, tune into their Facebook page to see what days in the future this offer is available.



Thank You Niko’s Tavern for Providing Support to Those Supporting Us! You are Hometown Heroes!



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Photo Credit: Niko’s Tavern and Neighborhood Grill