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Hometown Heroes: Otto Engineering

Hometown Heroes: Otto Engineering

Do you remember what life was like in the 1960s? Flower power, go-go boots, and some great rock music. If you were living in the Carpentersville area at that time you may remember a new business coming to town. Otto Engineering in Carpentersville has been providing excellent service for almost 60 years! If you’ve driven by, you absolutely recognize the bright brick building situated beautifully on the Fox River. But what’s on the inside is just as great as what’s on the outside.

Otto Engineering, a Company

A Heat-Resistant Speaker (Left). A Push Button for Medical Devices (Right). Both Manufactured by Otto Engineering

For years, Otto Engineering has played a big role in producing many essential products. Like push buttons for medical devices and critical communication equipment. Their communication devices are widely used by emergency service personnel. Like their specialized speakers, built to withstand intense heat. Which may seem unnecessary for recreational radios, but this product is absolutely essential for fire fighters.


The products that Otto Engineering manufactures plays a critical role in the devices needed health care facilities and for our emergency service workers. Now more than every they realize the importance of their business. Otto Engineering has prioritized the health of the community during the this time. And they are doing everything they can to remain open in order to continue to produce these products.


Otto Engineering, a Community Supporter

As you can see, Otto as a business is vital. But this long time supporter of the community has not stopped there. Upon seeing that the Elgin Community College established the Emergency Student Relief Fund, Otto sprang to action. Providing a $5,000 donation to this fund secured resources for many local students who now can continue their education during this crisis.

A Thank You from Elgin Community College. Photo Courtesy of Otto’s Facebook Page

A lofty donation is not the only way Otto has stepped in on the behalf of students. Otto helps support students who seek to grow their skills and build a career. Seeing how the price of college has increased, and the job market has grown more competitive, high school graduates that can’t afford college are put at an extreme disadvantage. That’s why Otto Engineering launched an apprenticeship program. This 3 year program engages with high school graduates in our community, to give them the skills and training they need to succeed in a manufacturing career. Otto Engineering even has an entire training center dedicated to this program, showing how devoted they are to this mission. A large perk of this program is the chance that students enrolled in this apprenticeship could be offered a job from Otto if there are suitable and available positions for dedicated and skilled students.


Otto engineering is a long-standing community member and has provided support for health care facilities, emergency service workers and students in the community. Their aptitude to go above and beyond to provide opportunities for students in our community shows how deep they care about the place they call home.

Thank you Otto Engineering for Supporting our Community in so Many Ways! This is why you are Hometown Heroes!


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