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Hometown Heroes: Vida Yoga and Fitness

Hometown Heroes: Vida Yoga and Fitness

Keeping a healthy lifestyle isn’t the easiest task for many people right now. Kids are at home and require care and supervision, workloads have increased. Or maybe, we’ve been at home for so long we have become victim to our couches. It’s been said, an object at rest will stay at rest. Somedays the only activity we get is reaching for the remote to tell Netflix we’re still there. Vida Yoga and Fitness, a yoga studio in downtown Elgin, has seen this trend and is using their platform as health enthusiasts to encourage our community to stay healthy. They understand the incredible power of yoga, because it not only promotes physical health, but also mental health.


Here are some of the ways Vida Yoga and Fitness is encouraging our community to be active and healthy while at home.


Bringing Fitness to Everyone

Vida Yoga and Fitness has not only gone digital but they have lowered their rates to makes themselves more accessible. And all classes purchased can be used now or later. These reduced prices are not strictly for virtual classes, they can be used for in-person classes in the future! But not only have they reduced their prices, they went a step further to make their classes even more accessible to the community. Now, there is a donation price option with their virtual classes for those who cannot afford to pay full price at this time. They are empathetic to the large number of people who have been affected by this crisis and are putting health above profit. Vida Yoga and Fitness has stayed true to themselves and their mission to encourage healthy living. And making reaching everyone who needs it, a priority.


Nightly Vin Yoga

Not long after they were required to close their doors, Vida Yoga and Fitness took to their Facebook page to reach people. They quickly established a virtual class that would meet at 9pm every night. This nightly Yin Yoga reached many people and encouraged them to relax and unwind before bed. This is crucial, especially since current events and abrupt lifestyle changes can be very stressful.


Being a Reliable Source of Encouragement

It’s hard enough as it is to remain healthy and active without the all extra chores that build up by being at home all the time. And Vida Yoga and Fitness have been incredibly reliable and consistent. They have gone completely digital and release schedules about what classes are available that day. They are constantly reminding us how accessible they are and are going above and beyond to make each class an amazing experience; proving that being healthy and having fun can go hand in hand.


The importance of a healthy lifestyle has not been lost. Despite having to temporarily close their doors, Vida Yoga and Fitness continues to inspire and encourage us. Gently reminding our community that they are still here for us, and they still very much care about our well-being.


Thank you Vida Yoga and Fitness for Keeping our Community Healthy! You are Hometown Heroes!

If you’re interested in seeing what Vida Yoga and Fitness has to offer, check out their Facebook, or website to learn more!


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