This Summer, It’s Time to Say ‘Let’s Go There’

This Summer, It’s Time to Say ‘Let’s Go There’
May 27, 2021 Elgin Area CVB

For most of us, that day is here.

The vaccination rollout has been a strong success here in the U.S., cases have fallen dramatically from the
winter surge and we are seeing businesses across the country reopening and welcoming back customers.
We, like many of you, are ready to stop wondering and start wandering and reignite a sense of adventure that
only travel can bring.

We are thrilled to see the return of our industry and the travelers we serve. We’ve all missed traveling—the
excitement, the anticipation that comes with planning a vacation, spending time with friends and family and
exploring different parts of our great country. And of course, Explore Elgin Area has
missed our guests this past year—hopefully, that will soon change.

According to an April Harris Poll and Destination Analysts survey, 77% of Americans plan on traveling this
summer. In fact, two-thirds of Americans have some sort of travel planned (36%) or booked (30%). While
many of us may be dreaming about our next vacation, we need to ensure that we are taking the crucial step
of actually booking and taking a trip in the U.S.

Thanks to the strong safety measures in place and the ramped-up vaccination campaign, this is the right
moment to reclaim our time lost and renew our sense of adventure. Americans rightly remain concerned
about protecting their health and safety and so are we. It has and always will be our top priority. Elgin Area Businesses continue to require masks and social distancing for visitors and employees while also keeping up with sanitization efforts and offering contactless payment options.

When you and your family are ready to say “Let’s Go There”—and we hope that will be very soon—Explore Elgin Area is ready and eager to welcome you back.

Let’s not spend another day in the ordinary and go find the extraordinary.

If you’re ready to start planning…

Check out our 4 themed itineraries for ideas, inspiration or motivation to visit us! And if you have any questions let us know!

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