Hampshire, IL

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Hampshire, Illinois, a community nestled along the landscapes of Kane County, offers a wonderful array of local businesses, parks, and events that make it a true gem in the region. Whether you’re a resident or a curious traveler passing through, Hampshire, Illinois has something special to offer for everyone.

Nature enthusiasts and families will find solace in Hampshire, Illinois’ parks and green spaces! Bruce Ream Park, the town’s largest park, boasts a playground, splash pad, shared-use path with fitness stations, sand volleyball court, a sled or exercise hill, and several different courts and fields to play on!

The Annual Coon Creek Country Days is the town’s most anticipated event, drawing people from both near and far! This festive occasion features a lively carnival, parades, live music, craft shows, and, of course, an abundance of delicious food from local vendors.

Find Information about 2023’s Coon Creek Country Days here.

Hampshire, Illinois also boasts an incredible farmer’s market throughout the late spring and until the beginning of fall! See Hampshire’s and other communities’ farmer’s markets here.

Hampshire, Illinois may be a small village, but it is big on heart and character. From its charming local businesses and picturesque parks to its lively community events, Hampshire offers a taste of authentic small-town living.

First known as Henpeck, Hampshire, Illinois is an attractive growing community offering the charms of a rural environment. Homey dining and shopping opportunities as well as the only farmhouse made by famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Thousands attend the annual four-day mid-summer Coon Creek Country Days.

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