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The Elgin Area in Illinois is rich in heritage and natural beauty. Find out more about this diverse, creative community that combines rural traditions with a vibrant cultural scene.

The Elgin Area

There are 11 communities in the Fox River. Elgin is the largest with over 113,000 residents. Discover each community’s unique flavor and attractions.

About the Elgin Area Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Elgin Area Convention & Visitors Bureau works to enhance the economic and environmental well-being of the Elgin Area through marketing the area to tourists, event planners, tournament directors and group tour organizers. Meet our team and learn about our mission.

Media Center

Welcome to the media center for the Elgin Area in Illinois. If you are researching and writing stories on the area, you’ll find information here on events, attractions, businesses and adventures.

Be Involved in Local Sports Events

Volunteering with the Sports Commission is a great opportunity to gain valuable field experience and get involved with the local community. Our volunteers play a vital role in numerous sports events.

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