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Enjoy a spur of the moment trip or a well-planned family memory with ease. Our itineraries are created with you in mind, aiming to create unique experiences for a variety of interests.

Explore the Elgin Area your way. Here you can browse a variety of getaways created to fit many interests. This way you can enjoy a spur-of-the-moment road trip or a well-planned family memory, stress-free! Our itineraries have been created based on who you’re traveling with or what strikes you. Take that special someone on a romantic-themed getaway or make sure you hit all the best spots when traveling with kids. Drive in with friends to get back in touch with nature or dive into the architectural wonders of the Chicagoland suburbs.

By choosing an Explore Elgin Area itinerary, you will know that you’re making the most of your adventure. Seasonal attractions and activities are at your fingertips when selecting a season-based itinerary. Walking the most scenic paths in Spring, making a splash into Summer, discovering the local flavors of Fall and watching the bald eagles in Winter are staples you do not want to miss. And we’ve made sure of it!

No matter what itinerary you choose, the entire trip is laid out and ready when you are. Elgin Area restaurants have a seat waiting, where you can experience the variety of cultural and local cuisine options first-hand. Elgin Area hotels have clean rooms and soft beds ready to provide a great night’s rest. Entertainment centers have seats ready to be reserved and award-winning golf courses are waiting to challenge your personal best.

Planning for a future reunion, a trip with those closest to you or a solo getaway is already done. Come explore the Elgin Area when you’re ready. And when the time comes to take the trip you’ve been meaning to take, we’ll be here. The next getaway is made your way. Now all you have to do is book and go. We’ll see you soon!



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