A Fishing Journey in the Elgin Area

Get Hooked

Oh… the Elgin Area, a region full of scenic lakes and rivers that offer excellent fishing opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. Fishing is great for all ages and all experience levels, so grab your fishing rod and some bait and come along to the Elgin Area.

Before you go on our big fishing adventure, keep in mind these few things about fishing in northern Illinois.

  • The best fishing times are in the early morning and late afternoon.
  • Overcast days are surprisingly good for fishing due to the lack of shadows and bright sunlight. Sunny days are great for bluegills, sunnies, and bass; aka the fish that like to stay in the shallow water and in the bright sun!
  • In the spring, many fish begin to spawn in the shallow waters- making them easier to catch for beginner fishermen. Summer is great for bass fishing. Fall is a fantastic time for walleye and pike, which are more active as they store up for winter.
  • If you don’t have a fishing license in Illinois, please be responsible and get one from here. We promise you that it’s worth it to explore the lakes, rivers, and such in Illinois.

Day 1

First start your fishing trip off with checking into many of the Elgin Area hotels.

Once you check in and get your gear ready, start off with lunch down at the Willy and Grace Diner! From sandwiches, salads, and chicken tenders all the way to the breakfast classics; you can certainly find it there. Depending on when you check in, we would recommend their breakfast skillets!

After you are done eating, stroll on over to any of the great fishing spots near the Fox River and go fishing! Spend some time there fishing, catching some great prizes, and people watching. Downtown Elgin is a great spot to see the tulips and culture.

Crack open a cold one at Elgin Public House and enjoy some delicious burgers, fries, and treats! They are better than your average “pub grub,” and are a fantastic way to finish off your day of fishing and traveling.

Dinner is now done, and you now have a choice! Do some good fishing before the sun sets and night takes over or head on over to one of the many great events happening in the Elgin area.

Day 2

Wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed and start the morning off right with some fishing at some of the ponds, the Fox River, or any of the plenty of public fishing holes in the Elgin Area! Depending on when you get up, we would recommend grabbing breakfast (or at the very least, coffee!) at any of the local cafes in Elgin.

If you are looking for a bit of a break from fishing and being outside, head on over to one of the art galleries or perhaps if art is not quite your style, try out Escapade360 for an experience you wont forget (though, make sure you buy your tickets in advance!).

Fishing and adventuring can sure make you hungry, go to Alexanders Cafe! They have great breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for all ages. Our recommendations would be the pancakes, paninis, and their benedicts.

Then off to fishing you go! Did you know that the best time to fish during the spring is during the time frame between late afternoon and dusk? So spend some time soaking up those rays in the beautiful glow of a sunset.

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