Lets Taco ’bout the Elgin Area

Lets Taco ’bout the Elgin Area
October 18, 2022 Elgin Area CVB

Many places have tacos- they are sometimes crunchy, sometimes soft, but no matter how you like your tacos- they are always DELICIOUS! Here are some of our favorite Mexican spots in the Elgin Area…

Sammy’s Mexican Grill and Bar

3091 US-20 #1111, Elgin, IL 60124

With a mission that states “Have you ever tasted something that is so good, you simply couldn’t put it out of your mind?” how could you not want to try their modern Mexican cuisine? On top of that, they were voted Best Mexican Restaurant by Tripadvisor in 2016.

While we are on the topic of Sammy’s, our team member Ryan Cortez says that Sammy’s “has the best margarita in town!”


1055 N Randall Rd, Elgin, IL 60123

Carmina’s is a family-owned restaurant that is known for its comfortable atmosphere and incredible food. As reviewer Dulce Padilla states, “There isn’t a better place in town for Mexican food. Hands down, this place has amazing food, service, and drinks.” So why not give it a try and maybe even grab a taco or two?

BeaUnique Latin Kitchen

74 S Grove Ave, Elgin, IL 60120

BeaUnique is known for its unique take on Latin cuisine. From tacos to Jibarito Sandwiches, they have it all. On top of that- they also have a vegetarian-friendly menu to choose from! Let’s see what reviewer James Valles says about it, “This place is one of the best Latin restaurants in our area — hands down. ❤️ The food is delicious. The owners are the kindest people you will ever meet. They are the real deal. The food is cooked with soul and passion.”

Los Comales Elgin

965 Dundee Ave, Elgin, IL 60120

Los Comales Elgin is a restaurant that specializes in fresh, authentic, and traditional Mexican food. Bonus: On Taco Tuesday they have a $0.99 taco deal! Reviewer Tiffany Ann says, “This is the best steak torta I have ever had! My son loved the steak burrito. So gooood! Service was super fast. And our server was very sweet.”

And those are just a few of them! There are so many more that we did not include in this list so if you are looking for more, check out our other dining options!

So now, next time you are thinking about tacos- think about the Elgin Area and all the amazing restaurants that serve them. Be sure to try something new because who knows- it could be your next obsession.

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