Easter Basket Gift Guide

Easter Basket Gift Guide
March 28, 2023 Elgin Area CVB

Easter is a time for celebrating new beginnings, renewal, and the arrival of spring. And what better way to celebrate than with an Easter basket filled with sweet treats, colorful eggs, and thoughtful gifts? Whether you’re putting together a basket for a child, a friend, or a loved one, there are endless possibilities for creating a unique and memorable Easter gift. So let’s dive into the Elgin Area and see what we can find!

Trinkets from Meraki Market Hub

From bunnies, to candles, all the way to spring gnomes- find the perfect little trinket for your loved one!

Treats from Bakeries/Candy Shops

Go to Around the Corner Candy for some whipped cream eggs, peeps, and other fun candy treats! Or perhaps check out the bakeries that offer custom cakes and cookies (or if you want to really give your giftee an option- get them a gift card)!

Plants from Trippots or Platt Hill Plant Nursery

Plants make great gifts for all! Choose between a low maintenance succulent or something that is a little more involved!

Activity Gift Cards

Let your loved one choose their adventure by getting them a gift card or season passes to any of our activity centers! Our recommendations would be: The Centre of Elgin Pool Pass, Santa’s Village Season Pass, Adrenaline Monkey, Escapade360, and more!

ADULTS ONLY – Beer and Wine from any of our local breweries

Get a good drink from Plank Road Tap Room, Emmett’s Brewing Co., Black & Gray Brewing Co., Eastside Café and Bar- and more!

Easter (and other Spring Events) Here!

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As we wrap up this Easter basket guide, we hope that we’ve provided you with some helpful ideas and inspiration to create a basket that will bring joy and happiness to your loved ones. Whether you stick with classic chocolates and candy or venture to something more unique like plants, trinkets, or otherwise, the most important thing is to show your love and appreciation to those around you.

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