Pingree Grove has a long history, but few historical structures remain. 

Established in ​1910, this charming ​church still holds a soft spot in the hearts of the community. Formerly a functioning ​Lutheran church,

the structure was abandoned but not forgotten. ​We restored this building for memorable gatherings & celebrations for years to come!

​T​he lumber and materials were purchased from a local resident, E.A. Franzen, who owned the local lumber business​ at the time​. St. Peter’s Lutheran Church was organized in 1890 but was originally named the German Lutheran Church of Pingree Grove. The congregation purchased the building in June of 1935 for $500. 

The bell tower, ​which still stand​s, houses 2 separate bells with pulls extending into the foyer.

The gothic stained-glass windows ​come from Kokomo, Indiana, and were installed in 1948. The congregation occupied the space until  2014 when it was dissolved, and donated to the village.


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