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Serosun Farms is a Premier Luxury Home Agrihood Community! Serosun Farms is conveniently located in beautiful Hampshire, Illinois. Serosun Farms was founded by 2 local business owners and lovers of nature whose goal was to protect the farm and the surrounding land area. By keeping them from being developed they have preserved these beautiful natural areas that are so rapidly being destroyed. They purchased the 400-plus acres of stunning land and proceeded to restore the area to it’s original perfect natural state. The community has been Organic for over 10 years allowing indigenous plants, flowers, nature and wildlife to be brought back to life and thrive!

Over 70% of the land at Serosun has been Conserved and will never be built upon. Conservation of nature and creating a Sustainable, Healthful and Eco-conscious community are the principle values at Serosun Farms. Now Serosun Farms has opened up this amazing community for Residency! If you are looking for a unique home and an amazing lifestyle, look no further! Serosun Farms home sites are all a generous 1 Acre of land, each lot offering its’ own amazing views and unique landscape.

Residents can truly create their ‘dream home’ and partner with one of Serosun Farms top builders to bring their vision to life! All homes are custom built while incorporating the latest in sustainable building, Green technology and unique home features. Amenities abound as residents will also have full access to all 400 acres of glorious land and nature, 8 miles and counting of walking/riding trails, a World-class Equestrian Center, On-site Farm and Market with 2018/19 plans for a Farm to Table Restaurant, Green Day Spa, Community Pool, Artisan Village & so much more!  Visit the website for more information.

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