Downtown Elgin Commercial District

Downtown Elgin Commercial District
March 30, 2020 Elgin Area CVB

Founded in 1836, the City of Elgin has had decades of history shape it. Starting off as a small river town to today, a bustling hub of business, art and recreation with over 115,000 residents. The city, namely the Elgin Historical Society has done an incredible job at preserving the history scattered throughout the 38 square miles that make up Elgin. As you go along the tour be sure to click on the links to listen to the story and learn more about each building along the route.

If you’re interested in learning more of Elgin’s history check out the Elgin Heritage Comission’s website at

Downtown Elgin Historic Commercial District

Stop 1 | Elgin Tower Building (1929)

Stop 2 | Union National Bank & Trust Company

Stop 3 | Burritt Building (1914)

Stop 4 | Healy Building (1941)

Stop 5 | Ranstead Building (1892)

Stop 6 | Salvation Army Citadel (1930)

Stop 7 | Henrietta Building (1908)

Stop 8 | Stewart Hall Building (1888)

Stop 9 | Leitner Building (1904)

Stop 10 | Tyrell Block Building (1887)

Stop 11 | Old Gail Borden Public Library (1894)

Stop 12 | The Professional Building (1928)

Stop 13 | McBride Building (1889)

Stop 14 | Kohn-Schramm Building (1883)

Thank you to the City of Elgin- Heritage Commission for allowing us to use their information and pictures to make this possible.

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If you enjoyed our tour, we would love to know! Tell us all about it by using the hashtag #ExploreElgin and show us your favorite stops. Whether you took our  tour by car or in your living room, we would love to see you enjoying our history!

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