Holiday Leftover Recipies

Holiday Leftover Recipies
December 1, 2022 Elgin Area CVB

The Holidays are full of cheers, food, and festivities. You put together a large meal and celebrate it with the people you love. However, after all is said and done- more often than not there are more leftovers than you would ever want to eat.

This is where Holiday Leftover Recipes come into play. Take your leftover ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, and more- and transform them into something new!

Turkey Leftovers

Turkey Pot Pies

Transform your favorite chicken pot pie recipe and replace the chicken with turkey! These freeze well and are always a crowd-pleaser! Recipe here.

Cream of Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

Give the cold weather a little warmth with some homemade soup- made from turkey instead of chicken! It’s warm and hearty too! Recipe here.

Turkey Curry with Rice

Bring in a little spice with this delicious recipe. It gives you an opportunity to try something new while using up what you have! Recipe here.

Some other great ways to use up leftover turkey would be to throw them in a stir fry, quesadilla, tacos, soup, pasta, or even just put it on a sandwich with some cranberry sauce! Turkey is versatile and takes on the flavors that it is around- so play with it and have fun!

Ham Leftovers

Ham and Bean Soup

This hearty recipe will keep you full while using up that delicious glazed ham you have left over. Recipe here.

Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets

Take a childhood classic and turn it up a level with fresh and high-quality ingredients! Give it a try. Recipe here.

Ham and Pineapple Rice

Hawaiian pizza lovers rejoice! Get this sweet, salty, and filling rice in one pot! Recipe here.

Ham can also be repurposed in ham sandwiches, omelets, split pea soup, potato soup- and so much more!

Mashed Potatoes Leftovers

Potato Bread

If you want to challenge yourself and make the best-ever sandwich bread- try this out! This is also a gluten-free option! Recipe here.

Shepherd’s Pie

A classic cottage pie is found with ground beef, and vegetables, in gravy topped with mashed potatoes! How could it get better than that? Recipe here.


Pierogies are simply potato dumplings so they are the perfect way to use up those leftovers! Recipe here.

Mashed potatoes can be used as a topping for meatloaf, a base for gnocchi, added into casseroles, and is a great base for any potato or creamy soup!

Leftover Sides

Cranberry Sauce Oat Bars

Enjoy a soft, chewy, and flavorful bar using up that leftover cranberry sauce! Recipe here.

Stuffing Waffles

Turn your moist stuffing into waffles and serve with gravy for a warm and familiar dish! Recipe here.

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