Ryan’s Day in the Elgin Area

Ryan’s Day in the Elgin Area
January 25, 2023 Elgin Area CVB

For our last employee spotlight, we look at Director of Marketing and Sales- Ryan Cortez for how he spends his downtime in Elgin.  

Every morning needs to start with a solid breakfast and a coffee, so I head over to Dream Hall in Elgin, IL for some grub! First, I get the breakfadillas from Breakfast Urbano and then I grab a cold brew (pumpkin spice if available!) from Viator Coffee Co.

After this hearty breakfast, it’s time to work out! I go on over to the Centre of Elgin to rock climb, lift weights, swim, or walk the indoor track! They are full of great workout classes too, so it really depends on the schedule for the day.

Working up a sweat makes me hungry- and so off to lunch, I go! Grove Ave in Elgin has a boatload of delicious lunch spots, but my favorites are BeaUnique and Kubo Sushi. At Kubo Sushi, I always get the Kubo Bowl! The Kubo Bowl has seasoned rice topped with ika sensai, seaweed, shredded carrot, avocado, and tuna and salmon sashimi tossed in a savory sauce! 

Once lunch is over, I have to go window shopping at the numerous local shopping spots. Some of my favorites are Meraki Market, Trippots Plant Nursery, River Street Shoppes, and Spring Hill Mall

Aliano’s Ristorante in East Dundee is a long-time favorite of mine to go to dinner. Not only do they have pasta and pizza, but they also have mouth-watering desserts. My top picks are the Homemade Manicotti and for dessert, I have to get the tiramisu. 

To wind down the night, I go and have a drink at Black and Gray Brewing or Distance Social in East Dundee. If I am feeling lucky that night, I head back over to Elgin to go to the Grand Victorica Casino to try my hand at some poker and penny slots.

Thanks for joining the #ExploreElginArea team on their adventures in the Elgin Area this month! To read the other recommendations, check out our other blogs!

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