Spooky-Season Events in the Elgin Area

Spooky-Season Events in the Elgin Area
September 15, 2023 Elgin Area CVB

As October rolls in and the leaves paint the Elgin Area with vibrant autumn colors, the excitement for Halloween and spooky season takes center stage! If you’re seeking hair-raising fun and unforgettable memories, look no further than the Elgin Area’s lineup of scary events! Some of these events are family friendly, some are for adults! Regardless, these events are full of thrills and chills!

The Elgin Area boasts a variety of spooky-season adventures up until the end of October. From haunted houses and ghostly hayrides to festive pumpkin patches and scarecrow contests, we offer something for everyone ready to embrace fall spirit! So, don your favorite costume, sip on warm apple cider, and let’s dive into the array of spooky events that make the Elgin Area a must-visit destination for Halloween enthusiasts.

And we can’t forget about the amazing event known as Nightmare on Chicago Street!

For the past 10 years, the city of Elgin’s streets have been crawling with zombies… we need to unite and stop them together on October 21st, 2023! The night of the dead is coming up soon! Not only has the footprint for the event gotten larger, but there is a whole new zone about the Aztec underworld!

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On top of the fun fall and spooky events, there are plenty of businesses who have fall specials and goodies to choose from! Here are some of our favorites to get that spooky feel during normal business hours! From ice cream to fall events- find it here!

Meraki Market Hub – fall decor and scents

Sugar and Rhyme Coffeehouse – special flavors!

Goebberts Farm – pumpkins and fall experiences

The Milk House – ice cream specials!

Kleins Farm and Garden Market – pumpkins, pies

and more! See our full listing of places to shop…

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